Full bellies, full hearts

“A few weeks ago my son, Adrian, asked me if I had ever heard of “Snack Backpack.” I had no knowledge of
it, and I asked him to explain it to me. With tears in his eyes, he explained that there are children who
attend school with him that receive a bag every Friday. The bag is given to low-income children to provide
six meals and two snacks every weekend. Adrian asked if there was any possibility that our family could
make a donation to the program. He even offered to spend all of the money in his piggy bank to buy food.”

– Erica mount

Erica told us about how Adrian had been affected and asked if the office would help. We set up four boxes for each job family to donate (FSG, Recruiters, Clinical team and Leadership). RIFA food bank here in Jackson (TN) and its volunteers packaged our food into individual Snack Backpacks. They will then contact local schools to deliver them to those students in need. It was a great opportunity for the team here to accomplish a common goal, and everyone was excited to help our community.

From left to right: Josh Wells, Jon Coburn, Adrian Mount, Erica Mount

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